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Improve Your Vehicle’s Headlights to Increase Night Vision

Improve Your Vehicle’s Headlights to Increase Night Vision

Traffic related deaths are almost three times greater at night when compared to the daytime. In addition to being able to see less due to decreased visibility, driver depth perception is also extremely limited at night. An experienced car accessory store can advise drivers of effective and affordable ways to increase visibility, as well as recommend aftermarket parts to help solve this dangerous issue.

The headlights on any vehicle play an integral role in driver and passenger safety. Being able to see the road in darkness to avoid any potential obstacles is imperative.

Much like getting an oil change or rotating tires, regular headlight maintenance and upgrades are essential to make sure that all vehicle components continue to work properly throughout the year, and in all driving conditions.

For the non-mechanically inclined people, professional assistance is available. Vehicle maintenance can be overwhelming, but following the tips below as well as visiting your local auto parts store for upgraded LED or HID headlights can help.

Clean the Vehicle Headlight Housing

Over time, the outside headlight housings can begin to yellow or fog up completely. When this occurs, the amount of light output by the lights on the road severely decreases. Regular car washes should include cleaning the outside of the headlight housing with sandpaper, polish, or even your favorite toothpaste.

There are also professional cleaning and polishing kits available for purchase at a reputable auto parts store which make the process of cleaning headlights much easier.

Clean the Headlights

Headlights Should be Angled Correctly

Much like any other vehicle part, headlights require adjustment as well as replacement at regular service intervals. Poorly aimed headlights can blind oncoming traffic endangering other drivers, as well as cause reflections and distorted vision.

It's recommended that the angle of your headlights be checked at least once every year to make sure they are displaying evenly and correctly on the road ahead.

Upgrading to LED/HID Headlights

Most vehicles do not come from the manufacturer equipped with LED or HID lights. For drivers experiencing visibility issues at night, upgraded headlights should be considered.

Aftermarket LED and HID headlights produce a more intense and bright light in front of the vehicle, and can be a fast and affordable solution to nighttime visibility concerns. Drivers will experience immediate results after the installation process is complete, and will enjoy significantly increased visibility in the early mornings, dusk, and when driving at night.

Both LED and HID lights produce clear view of the road, are more durable, and typically last about ten times longer than traditional halogen bulbs.

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When nighttime driving is an issue, contact Stereo Land in Ventura, your local car accessory store. We provide a wide assortment of LED and HID lights, and our experienced staff can help select which option works best for every vehicle and budget. We offer affordable financing solutions for each purchase, and a professional service department for all your installation needs.