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How To Get Out of a Noise Complaint

How To Get Out of a Noise Complaint

Stereo Land knows that loud is good. Be loud and be proud. But the reality is that some of your fellow motorists may be offended by the volume of your stereo and phone the police. The police themselves may even pull you over because it is too loud.

As a full service car stereo store and auto style shop, we feel that part of our responsibility to our clients is keeping them out of trouble if they like it loud like we do.

The cops do not want problems

Most police would rather just talk to you than give you a ticket for a noise violation or arrest you. If you play nice and apologize for the loud noise then the policeman is likely to let you go without much more than a warning.

The police do not want to do the paperwork that is involved in a complaint about noise, and they do have more important things to do.

What to do with insistent policemen

If a policeman insists that your stereo is in violation of any city, county, or state noise ordinance, then politely ask them to prove their accusation. Ask them if they have a noise meter that can record the highest amount of sound your system can produce. The police do not carry this kind of equipment and asking for proof may just be an easy out for you.

Cops Don't Want Problems With You

If you get a ticket then fight it

Any sound that is loud enough and lasts for an extended period of time can damage hearing. Generally, sounds above 85 decibels are harmful to a person's health. You can prove that your stereo is not able to produce sounds that are dangerous to anyone’s health and beat the accusation in court.

Find the person that has the gripe

If you get to the point of a citation, the policeman will have to have the person that made the accusation appear in court. You can get your attorney to find out who the person was and talk to that person so they drop the charge. Do not threaten anyone. Try to show the person that the sound from your system is not as loud as they thought. Being annoyed at the volume of a stereo is not the same as having your health threatened.

Get technical with the policeman

You can turn off the subwoofers and tell the officer they are not yet attached to your system. Use a remote to turn off the subwoofers provided that the policeman cannot see the remote. Play the system as loud as it will go without a subwoofer and the policeman will forget the accusation because they have no basis for the charge.

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