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What are the Advantages of Lowering a Car's Suspension?

What are the Advantages of Lowering a Car's Suspension?

There are many car owners out there who are so passionate about their cars that they want to make sure it looks different than any other car on the road. This particular group of car owners are willing to dish our huge amounts of money to have custom body work done on their car. One way car enthusiasts make their vehicle stand out in a crowd is by altering their suspension systems so the vehicle sits closer to the ground.  

Every car comes with a traditional size and the strength springs that are designed to help the car handle bumps and potholes on the roads, and car’s manufacturer has disbursed a considerable amount of money and time to design the right mechanisms for your car. So when you lower your suspension, the manufacturer’s suspension system has to be replaced with a custom sized lower one. Don't worry though, lowering the suspension in your car is perfectly safe.

Advantages of Lowering the Suspension 

Although most people choose to lower their car's suspension for cosmetic reasons, it actually provides some benefits when it comes to performance. Some of the advantages you can gain with a lower suspension include: 

  • Better handling. A lower center of gravity will provide better handling. By lowering your suspension, you're also lowering wind resistance and the car’s center of gravity. This translates into you being able to drive your car faster. 
  • Reduced rollover risk.  It's simple — the higher a car sits, the more easily it tips over. When you lower your suspension, you're not likely to roll your car over anytime soon. Even if you're driving at a fast speed and clip the curb or hit some kind of obstruction, you're much less likely to roll your car than you were on your old suspension system. 
  • Better aerodynamics. Lowering your suspension will provide you with a smoother ride as you escalate your speed. That's because there is less air going underneath your vehicle, reducing the wind's drag on your car. It will feel as if the car is more connected with the road than with your old suspension system.

Car's With Lower Suspensions Handle Better

What to Look Out For 

Just know that when you lower your car's suspension, you're also putting it at greater risk of bottoming out and creating uneven tire wear. If you think the advantages far outweigh the potential negative effects of a lowered suspension, then we say go for it. Just make sure you have your suspension system modified by a professional to ensure everything is installed properly. Experts recommend putting up a bit more money for quality shock absorbers and other parts rather than trying to save on an cheap aftermarket system. 

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