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How to Build the Car Stereo System That's Right for You

How to Build the Car Stereo System That's Right for You

Question: Is the car audio system that's in your car right now the one that came pre-installed? If so, it may be decent, but it’s probably not the system you've always dreamed of having. If you're looking to upgrade to something a little more powerful, it's time to visit Stereo Land. But first, ask yourself a few questions to figure out how to build the right system for you. 

What System Do You Have Right Now?

Look at what you have in your system right now. Take the time to identify all the parts. Did everything come standard or do you already have some aftermarket parts? It's important that you know what you have now so you know what needs to be upgraded and what that will take. 

What Don’t You Like About Your Current System?

To get a full understanding of what you don’t like about your system, listen to the music while parked in your driveway as well as while driving around town. Be sure to turn the music up to see if the music distorts at higher volumes. Look to see if the balance is there on the speakers or if you hear a buzz at all.

What Features Do You Want that You Don’t Already Have?

If you’re going to spend the money on a new system, now’s the time to put your wish list together. Figure out what features you want that your system doesn’t already have. Much of this will be based on the way you listen to music. You might want satellite or HD radio, the ability to play CDs, and the ability to hook the system up to your iPhone or other portable devices. You may also want to play your music louder or make calls with Bluetooth. Whatever it is, write it down, so you know what features to look for in new equipment. 

If You Want More "Oomph," Get an Amplifier

What Needs to Be Replaced?

Once you know more about what you want and what you don’t have, you can begin choosing the necessary components. New speakers can ensure you can get better sound, and they're sure to be more durable than what you have in your car now.

If you need more “oomph,” then you'll probably want to get an amplifier. This will allow you to get the volume you're looking for without the distortion. Sound deadening materials might be a good idea too, so your stereo doesn’t have to compete with the exhaust or the sound of the road. A subwoofer can be a great option, as well, especially if you want to feel the sound — though it can take up more space than you might have, which means you have to be cautious. If you're still not sure what to buy or what you can feasibly fit in your car, talk to a professional at Stereo Land. We have audio specialists that can help you.

Paying for Your System

If you don’t have the money to buy all of the components now, we offer a financing program. Financing can provide you with affordable monthly payments rather than forcing you to pay a huge chunk of money up front. At Stereo Land, there’s no credit check involved, making it easy to get customers approved.

Stop in today to learn more about our financing options and get started on the car stereo system you crave.